Turtle Beach TM1 Tournament Mixer 1 Professional Team Audio Mixer


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Turtle Beach MLG TM1 Pro-Team Audio Mixer

Calling all aspiring professional gaming squads...

For teams who are seeking to step their competitive game up to the next level, the TM1 is an essential asset to aid with low-latency communication between a squad.

Develop tactics and team dynamics which develop into unstoppable synergies, ready for the upcoming wave of competitive gaming about to hit the UK E-sports playing field.

Specifically designed for more than casual gamers; a.k.a those who wish to showcase their gaming talent to world.

Communication is key to success the multi-purpose TM1 can enable a team to tap into their newfound potential and ability.


  • 6 headset connectivity for 6 man squads or 3v3 mini-matches.
  • Ideal for LAN parties and competitive environments including small e-sports competitions.
  • Extra connectivity: add another mixer to bring total channel count to 12! 5v5 w/ 2 coaches or managers.
  • Low-latency closed circuit communication.
  • Compatible with last-gen and current-gen hardware.

This product has since been discontinued by Turtle Beach, user manual is available on the official Turtle Beach website.

Supplied by E-Gamer