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Sony Playstation 1 Ps1 With Controller

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Sony Playstation 1 PS1 Console Bundle Joblot AV TV Lead - A1.

  • Complete with 1x controller and AV lead
  • Condition is Used

"A renowned classic gaming piece from a hugely nostalgic era of home video gaming"

About The Sony Playstation 1

The Sony PS1 is a collectors must-have and still an enjoyable throwback Playstation experience for any casual gamer in 2020. The Playstation 1 is the first iteration of the Playstation franchise, being released in 1995 with it fast becoming a household favourite. It strongly competed against Nintendo's N64 and dwarfed SEGA's Dreamcast console in sales and popularity. The Playstation 1 sold over 100 Million units worldwide by the end of it's production in 2006 and has certainly secured its place in the history of gaming and in the 32 bit era.

With the Playstation 1 you can enjoy fan-favourites such as the Resident Evil series, Spyro the Dragon, Final Fantasy and Crash Bandicoot in their 1995 CRT period designed glory. The Playstation 1 also doubles up as a CD player with basic EQ functions making it very versatile today. Sony quality lives on long after production stops.


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