Nintendo Gameboy Advance AGS-101 Modification Brighter Backlit Screen by E-Gamer


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Nintendo handheld gaming doesn’t get much better than this!

This nostalgic Gameboy Advance handheld console has been given a new lease of life by being upgraded and refurbished to a Gameboy Advance AGS 101. Play those classic Nintendo Gameboy games such as Super Mario, Megaman, Zelda, Pokemon and many more in modern day fashion with a superior brighter backlit screen that looks truly amazing in all circumstances. Gaming in the dark has never looked better.


Features include:

  • AA Battery compatibility.
  • Upgraded brighter, crisper and clearer AGS-101 LCD Screen
  • Brand new quality replacement shell in a E-Gamer themed green variant.
  • Never worry about playing with a dark screen again!
  • Original Gameboy Advance parts to ensure the highest quality experience when gaming.



The Gameboy Advance AGS 101 is perfect for any modern gamer's needs!

Get it now and get playing those classic games in bright colourful fashion!

Professionally restored by one of our highly experienced Gameboy technicians who ensures the best quality products.


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