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Gameboy Advance Pikachu SP Refurbished by E-Gamer (B-Grade)

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The Classic Returns!

This wonderfully restored Gameboy Advance SP has been cleaned and fully refurbished by one of our highly skilled technicians. This console has a new lease of life and is waiting to be loved once more.

  • Relive the nostalgia with this ever-popular console. A great gift for any gaming fan, or an excellent treat for yourself if you are wanting a quick and easy way to pass time in a tireless, exciting way.
  • Includes FREE USB Charger

Play those classic Pokemon, Zelda, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot and many other awesome sagas on the Gameboy Advance SP refurbished by E-Gamer

*OFFICIAL Charger can be added for £5 extra

Recycled & Supplied by E-Gamer

-E-Gamer's Green commitment: As this is a newly produced shell, we take full responsibility of the environmentally damaging waste left from the refurbishing process by recycling and upcycling.

We work some E-Gamer magic to produce a recycled product fit for purpose once more. Our current plans are to re-use these old shells in upcycled limited edition Gameboy customs that we will be producing in the new future... If we rethink plastic, we rethink our responsibility towards the planet and small companies like ourselves are ready to innovate and lead the way.

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