1 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership (Xbox One/360)


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The top 3 reasons be an Xbox Live Gold Member

  1. Lightning fast online multiplayer gaming thanks to hundreds of thousands of dedicated servers offering low lag and reduced cheating
  2. Free games, twice a month, that are yours forever - including Microsoft exclusives on the day they release.
  3. Exclusive access to weekly sales offering up to 75% off games

What to know before buying a 1 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership Card

An Xbox LIVE Gold membership requires users to have a broadband internet connection available. For voice communication, a headset is required.

What's included with a 1 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership Card?

Included in this product is a 1 month Gold membership for Xbox Live. This gives you access to multiplayer gaming, online chat, great deals on the hottest new titles and much more.