About Us

Who and what is E-Gamer?

E-Gamer is a rapidly growing UK based E-Commerce business built by the custom of worldwide gamers. The loyalty of E-Gamer's users enables us to provide the community with the greatest and latest gaming accessories at the lowest cost. The 21st Century E-Commerce world has given birth to E-Gamer and whole new world of savings for gamers.

We are a company designed for the love of gaming and everything around it. We understand the needs and wants of gamers, unlike a number of high-street retailers who turn a blind eye for older products in favour of commercial sized profits from newer goods...

Whether it's retro products or digital era goods we try to cover all bases by sourcing rare, unique and popular collectibles for those who use our service. E-Gamer is operated by family and friends whose efforts are priceless for the E-Gamer community. E-Gamer is not just for our customers, it's a platform for everyone to enjoy anything gaming related! Gamers who buy from us are investing in a greater gaming platform. 


Who's Involved?

Lang: The Numbers Man & Managing Director

Lang founded the company in January 2016 during his Double Applied Business A-Level studies. Since then, he has worked with his family and close friends to help mould the E-Gamer brand into what it is today. Originally started on eBay, Lang has put his efforts in building the E-Gamer website, developing the E-Gamer brand and handling the numbers side of e-commerce. Lang completed his BA in Accounting & Finance during the summer of 2019 and continues to build online enterprises outside of E-Gamer. (See Kaizen)


Fondest gaming memory:

Call of Duty WaW Bolt Actions GameBattles 09/10 season with "Team Ko/Vflict" 37 game win streak reaching season playoffs aged 12.


Lang's favourite game: Conker's Bad Fur Day


Least liked game: Fortnite


Jake & Jordan: The Two Technicians

E-Gamer's two gaming technicians, Jake & Jordan, are able to create awesome modifications, upgrades and repairs. Jake is the mastermind behind what one of our customer's calls "The best GBA Backlit on the market". A great achievement on our quest to provide the best gaming goods and nostalgia. The two have many plans ahead for E-Gamer and will be sure to make a lot of noise in what's about to appear in the UK gaming market... Watch this space!

Jake's game of choice: The Witcher 3


From all of us here at E-Gamer,


Happy Gaming!