E-Gamer Gameboy Advance AGS-101 Modification- ITS BACK!!!

We are glad to announce that we will be bringing back our Gameboy Advance AGS-101 GBA modification in the coming weeks. This popular product has been out of stock for some time in our store, but now we are working on bringing it back in a stylish fashion!

Along with this, if you are an avid Gameboy modder, we will also be looking at stocking the parts you require for this modification so you can supply your gamer friends with this great upgrade.

Handheld gaming will certainly not be the same again with this mod bringing the Gameboy Advance console into 2018 and into the top league of handhelds.

Jake, a great friend and awesome Gameboy modding guru will be masterminding the upgrades for us and I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. Without his tireless effort, this announcement would not be possible. His work has saved countless Gameboys and produced some great memories for the new age of gamers experiencing the Gameboy Advance for the first time. Oh how I remember the dark ages, struggling to see the screen on the many road trips, and having to use wormlights to see so that I could complete my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Donkey Kong games.

Be sure to check back regularly at our store for this hot product as it will sell out fast! Our success on eBay, built from our beloved customers means that we can continue to pay forward our savings onto you, the gamers so that gaming can be brought into your hands at a price that works for everyone.

The ever popular 'Emerald Green' variant will be making its return, along with a couple of other specialties that will make you want to pick which games you'll be playing when you first lay eyes on it. We aim to be the cheapest on the internet with this product so keep us on your favourites and check our social media for announcements!

Thank you for visiting E-Gamer and we hope to continue to meet all of your gaming needs.


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