ANNOUNCEMENT: E-Gamer, The Eco-Gamer

Posted by Callum Langlois on

We are evolving...

3 years of E-Gamer and we have learnt a lot in the world of business and discovered profound facts about our environment around us. Keep an eye out on this page for our eco-friendly plans and commitments.

Business is no longer about how green (profitable) the balance sheet is; we need to rethink this industrial-era mantra. Business is now about using the added value created to improve sustainability by investing in green projects and improving the world's living conditions for generations to come.

Gamers are great thinkers, we solve problems and find ways to beat games in our own ways. We have our own play-styles and formulas for winning teams. Now let's apply this problem solving ability and competitive drive to the world around us. The UK government declared a climate emergency on 1/05/19 and we have seen little response from big UK firms and even the leading gaming companies.

It's down to us, the smaller players, to drive the way for change, and this can only come from belief in what we do. We wouldn't have this platform if it wasn't for the loyalty of our customers and passers by who need our products, this has come from scratch. Your feedback on how we can improve is important, we are ready to develop and listen.


More information about our further steps will be published in due course.


Please comment below any thoughts or questions you may have about environmental concerns and issues you feel we should pay attention to.


As always,

Never Stop Gaming


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